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What is the Best Responsive CSS Framework According to Web Developers?

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We came across this a great article about grid systems in relation to a CSS framework. This is a core area for designers as it can greatly streamline the users’ experiences of the Web site design across multiple platforms and screen resolutions. Responsive design is key to a fluid, inclusive and easy-to-manage Web site for yourself or your clients.

A grid system, or a CSS framework, is mostly used by web developers who are new to responsive design. Besides these ‘newbies’, there are also more experienced web developers who use grid systems or CSS frameworks because they want to save time, don’t want to write the same codes from scratch time after time, or don’t want the cross-browser/-device concerns and just want to be sure the website displays great on all computers and devices.

As you probably noticed in the previous paragraph, there are many terminologies used to describe frameworks and grids that can be used to easily create a responsive website. The most terms to describe these frameworks and grids are: Grid system, CSS grid, CSS framework, front end framework, UI framework, and responsive framework. At first hand, they all might sound the same, but if you do some investigation, you’ll find out that frameworks can be divided into two categories, the grid systems and the complete CSS frameworks.

From the article “The best responsive CSS frameworks according to 41 developers.”

A lot of us have heard of bootstrap, but did you know there is another framework that is as popular among web developers?

Check out this video that pits Bootstrap against Foundation:


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