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Reputation Management & Review Services

Take control of one of the most important factors affecting your brand’s success online.

Your Brand's Online Success Depends On This One Factor

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why reputation management is often overlooked or even avoided by businesses and organizations
  • Why this factor just continues to grow in importance
  • How money is being left on the table by NOT dealing with it
  • How it affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rankings
  • How this factor can positively or negatively affect the quality of your customer service and public relations
  • Why it is as important as ranking highly in search engines
  • How you can quickly and easily gain control over this factor with our new service
  • And by gaining control, how you can improve your brand’s trust, authority, search engine visibility and your bottom line! 
Lucas Arnatt, Cochrane web designer serving Calgary, Alberta

About Lucas

Lucas Arnatt is Creative Director & Web Strategist at BlindDrop.com and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, local businesses and large corporations build and manage their brands online since 1997.

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Build Trust, Authority and Increase Sales

While this factor is not new to the online world, its importance to your online success continues to grow.

In this video, web strategist, Lucas Arnatt, discusses how third party reviews affect your brand’s visibility, trust, authority and, ultimately, sales.

Why are these characteristics important?

Customer reviews continue to gain importance as a deciding factor when people research services and products online. With online competition growing every day, you need to make sure your brand is the trustworthy choice, that it easily stands out from the crowd.

Knowing the best way to manage your reviews isn’t just to make more sales; review management is part of your sales cycle and customer service.

Facing the challenge of dealing with reviews on multiple review sites can lead to many benefits for your company and its customers.

reputation review management services

Our Review Management Results

The following charts show the results of our Review Management Service with a diverse range of businesses. 

In each case, we saw a significant increase in 4 and 5 star reviews across a variety of review sites.