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Custom WordPress Website Design & Marketing Solutions, Since 2001.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Web Design

In today’s mobile-first world, your website needs to look great and perform flawlessly on any device. Our Calgary web designers specialize in creating responsive, user-friendly designs that provide a seamless experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

SEO-Optimized for Maximum Visibility

A beautiful website is only half the battle – you need to be found by your target audience. Our team of SEO experts in Calgary will optimize your site for search engines, ensuring it ranks higher for relevant keywords and drives qualified traffic to your business.

Proven ROI with Successful Strategies

At BlindDrop, we don’t just build websites – we create digital solutions that drive real business growth and increased visibility. Our data-driven approach and focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) have helped numerous Calgary companies achieve measurable returns on their investment.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Solutions

Your website is just the beginning. Our full-stack digital marketing services in Calgary cover everything from branding and content creation to social media management and paid advertising. We’ll help you establish a cohesive, multi-channel online presence that resonates with your target audience.

Custom web design company Calgary, Alberta

Where to Start?

Building Trust and Success Online 

For a moment, imagine having the utmost trust in your web design services and marketing team in Calgary, Alberta. You trust them because your relationship has proven beneficial to you, your company, and your family.

You trust them because you felt your needs were heard and met. Your brand was, and continues to be, well represented across multiple channels. Your custom website remains an active hub of activity, building new and returning targeted traffic each month.

And finally, you trust them because over 20 years ago you took that step forward to build your business online. Over those years, through all the crests and valleys, you cycled through a number of website builds, redesigns and expansions. But through all of that change, your brand’s integrity and messaging was strong, consistent and expansive.

You took that step forward and placed trust in a local Web design company in Calgary. This company became your trusted web design agency for the next two decades.

Established, Experienced and Locally Focused

Welcome to BlindDrop.com, an award winning digital marketing company, established in Calgary in 2001. 

We are proud to say that we continue to work with clients who have been with us for over two decades. While new clients join each year, many have been with us for well over 10, 15 and 20 years.

Placing your trust in another company to manage your brand’s online presence is not a small step. A lot is riding on that decision as the value and impact of your web presence is more important than ever. 

Satisfying Stakeholder Expectations

When building a website today, a web design firm must recognise and integrate those key relationships that bring online success. These include customers, suppliers, search engines, browsers, mobile devices, prospective leads, employees, social media channels, industry and third party websites.

So, “web design” can be a specific term to define the designing process of building a website’s visual front-end. However, to do this successfully, we must expand that definition to include the relationships that a website depends upon.

Harnessing New Web-based Technologies

As the web continues to expand, there is a natural increase in complexity of web technologies, including managed hosting services. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this, you’re not alone. Many business owners, corporations and organisations try to build and manage their website in-house.

However, the ability to manage and promote their website across an ever-growing network is simply overwhelming. 

Hiring a Dedicated Design Company

The best option is to hire a dedicated website design company that understands your needs. They can deliver the services needed to meet your business goals.

When you have the right Web agency by your side, you can regain focus and be more creative. You can work together to make your business grow. Success is not only an increasing bottom line. It also includes peace of mind, efficient use of time and being able to provide exceptional customer service. 

Web Design Services in Calgary, Alberta

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Finding Balance with the Right Web Design Company

Being successful also requires finding balance. Choosing the best web design company will help you find stability in your online marketing efforts.

Yes, you want to be able to make changes easily on your website.
And you have a website consultant and design team available for the more time consuming and intricate tasks.

Why Choose BlindDrop as Your Design Agency?

BlindDrop meets you in the middle, empowering you to make website content updates safely and easily. If you need web support or would prefer us to help manage your website changes and additions, we’re here to help.

We have worked with hundreds of clientele across Canada and the US over the past 20 years. Our clients have included entrepreneurs, start-ups, local businesses, online stores, professional services, corporations and non-profit organizations. 

Proven Strategies & Solutions

This experience has honed our online marketing strategy and Calgary web design services to a strong foundation of proven design solutions for clients in Calgary and beyond. These solutions are adaptable for any niche.

By combining creative design skills with decades of experience, our team delivers a winning combination. 

When you choose BlindDrop, you partner with a Calgary digital marketing agency that has experience, dedication and technical expertise. 

We offer a holistic approach to the web design and marketing process that is rare to find. Learn more about BlindDrop Design Inc.

Your Website Is Just the Beginning

Your web page design is a critical first step in your brand’s online presence. It is the hub and end goal of all other efforts that include social media marketing, content marketing and media production. A professional website designer should account for all of these aspects during the website development process.

Today, more than ever, it is not enough to build a website. We need to effectively market it across top channels each and every month. 

Top Goals for Web Deliverables

Some top goals for a web site design agency to deliver include:

  • Providing a professional and consistent image of a client’s brand
  • Building a strong foundation website and top tier profiles and channels
  • Presenting a positive customers’ user experience at every level
  • To rank in search results for competitive keywords and search terms
  • To build authority and trust online
  • To deliver value to a brand’s customers and clients
  • And to continue to expand their client’s brand’s influence and network

So, it’s clearly not just about designing a Website in 2021.

Our Web Development Process

As a Calgary business looking for a professional, high quality website, seeing the larger picture for your marketing strategy is essential.

Building a website is only the first step in your online marketing plan. When it comes to long term planning, corporate websites need the proper initial web development and ongoing website maintenance services.

Each aspect of the web design process is as important as the next or is all others. This is because it is a holistic process where each aspect of the website or lies on fundamentals.

If you I think that you only need a website for your business, then please keep reading. We will discuss today’s web marketing landscape and what you need to know if you want to be successful online.

Website Design Is Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The best web marketing and development team in Calgary will cover all of the following website design services:

Your brand is more than a logo design. It is a culmination of every experience had with your company or organisation. It is every interaction between employees, customers, suppliers and prospective leads. Your visual brand’s development must reflect and embody your brand’s purpose, messaging, actions and impact as consistently as possible.

A start-up company or an established business requires a core branding review prior to starting any web design and development.

By doing a branding review, the BlindDrop team can complete some much needed initial research. With this, we can create a proper brand strategy before any design or coding begins.

We offer full branding and graphic design services to complement and strengthen our clients’ branding goals.

A full service digital marketing strategy is the best foundation on which to build your website. Our team of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts will review and research your brand’s current position compared to your competition. We then develop a strategy based on proven keywords and search terms used by your customers.

BlindDrop uses powerful third party web marketing software and apps. This software accrues the data needed to create marketing solutions for any niche.

This data requires proper analysis and review by a team of professionals. They have the technical expertise to understand this raw data and turn it into workable marketing solutions.

A proficient web development agency presents its client with a concise and easy to understand strategy. This strategy is backed by highly detailed and structured data.

Therefore, the web design client will be kept well informed. They can see how the complexities of the web development services are working toward their brand’s top goals.


Managed hosting goes above and beyond regular Web hosting. It accounts for core updates to the WordPress software and provides a much higher level of support and security. 

Managed hosting provides peace of mind, knowing your website software will be up-to-date and as secure as possible. Our managed hosting service takes care of core updates, daily site security, provides daily backups of site and database.

Our managed WordPress hosting is ideal for professional brands, high quality websites, custom website design and development and e-commerce solutions.

Top notch web design and digital marketing require the best hosting environment possible. A hosting platform delivering fast page speed, highest security, proactive updates and daily backups.

These features again bring peace of mind to the Web client, while also delivering the best user experience for their customers. Secure, fast and dependable web hosting is a direct SEO factor. It significantly affects how well a website ranks in search results.

Learn more about our Calgary Managed WordPress Hosting services.

By this stage, your brand is properly defined and you have a well researched web strategy in place.

Your professional web design company is now ready to develop a leading edge website. This website will be customized around your brand’s unique needs and vision.

Web development, by definition, goes deeper into interface design, functionality, customisation and coding than a standard Web design. A custom web developer can sculpt a custom solution that goes far beyond what a standard WordPress website can deliver. However, it is important to note that, in our experience, custom website development is best when used only as necessary. In this way, we can minimize future coding issues and website maintenance cost.

An extensive custom development project needs to be tempered with consideration for future upkeep, budgeting and security concerns. Every WordPress web design BlindDrop produces is uniquely customized in design and functionality. Each solution is best suited to the client’s unique needs and niche, while upholding the core features of the Website software.

As a web development company, our WordPress experts have the knowledge and skills to create a well-balanced, customized web solution. We bring the same passion, experience and knowledge to every client, regardless of the project size or niche.

A custom website, when built properly, will emphasise intuitive navigation, strong calls to action and clean and clear content flow. It will also not only be a “mobile friendly” responsive web design, but be mobile optimised. This approach primarily focuses on the mobile experience, while also adapting to desktop and laptop devices.


SEO Services are key to any digital marketing strategy. Your website is your marketing hub and it needs to be easily found in search engines by your intended audience. Building your website to rank well just by how it has been built, is what we call On-Page SEO. This includes all we have covered so far, including branding, messaging, web strategy and building a customized website.

The WordPress platform allows us the best of both worlds. It is extremely user friendly as a content management system, while also being extremely flexible and adaptable in functionality and design. It is also the most popular website builder platform in the world.

With On-Page SEO in place, you have a fully optimised website ready to rank in the search engines. After the website launch, we are able to track the website’s rankings and visibility in Google.ca and start the Off-Page SEO Campaigns to establish the best foundation for your Web presence.

Off-Page SEO is a time consuming and detailed process. It is also a long term strategy, although when done correctly, we do achieve some quick wins. A top Calgary web design company will employ White Hat SEO techniques.

These techniques naturally improve the organic rankings of search engines. They also maintain the quality of the brand, its messaging and vision through all of its SEO activities.

Off-Page SEO extends into such areas as social media signals, content marketing, video and audio marketing and blogging. It also include news releases and third party citations on high profile review sites.

Custom website services will best built on unique, high quality media. This can include custom photography shoots for products, locations and team photos. But they can also include video production, 360 VR Tours, infographics and 3D illustrations.

High quality multimedia development can take the visual impression of a business to the next level. At BlindDrop, we work closely with each client to create quality media that captures attention and delivers value to their audience.

Email marketing has long been a powerful and effective method. It is a means for businesses and organisations to reach their existing audience beyond their website.

Today’s Web design and marketing solutions for business websites often include an email list sign up. This form allows new visitors can subscribe at any time.

This can also be extended to any landing pages or promotions that are done separately from the standard website experience.

WordPress can be customized to connect your website to a new or existing email list on a third party service. This includes email marketing services such as MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact and MailerLite. This can also be integrated with e-commerce cart solutions and contact forms.

Content marketing is a general term for creating and sharing content online. It builds interest around a brand’s certain topics, products and services. This content may be in the form of blog posts, videos, social media posts, infographics, audio or PDF files.

This is done through the brand’s website and its top tier channels that include social media and authority websites. BlindDrop’s Web design and SEO services fulfill our clients’ content marketing strategy on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. Again, we are able to meet each client in the middle, providing consultation and services as needed.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to market your brand and website online. A video instantly captures the viewer’s attention. It also delivers a brand’s message and information about products and services beyond that of a blog or social media post.

Video continues to grow in popularity. It offers a wide range of uses and formats for businesses and brands to share information, news and entertain their followers.

As with all custom web design elements, professional video production is a necessary tool for any brand online. As such, a website development services company will include considerations for video assets in their marketing strategy and SEO services.

Reputation Management is becoming more important for online brands, especially with the advent of customer review sites. Tracking brand mentions, social media signals and customer feedback is an essential part of a company’s PR and customer service.

Our efforts to build trust and authority with each online brand experience starts with a top quality website. A well built website establishes authority and trust very quickly and it provides the communication channels for customer inquiries and feedback.

Being aware and proactive of your brand’s reputation management landscape is essential to your brand’s success online. It is also an opportunity to leverage your positive customer feedback by placing reviews on your website. In this way, your brand lets its customers’ experiences promote its services and products.

What Happens After the Website Is Launched?

Getting your website launched is really just the first step, yet it is also the most important step. Your website foundation needs to be well researched, properly developed and securely hosted right off the bat.

A website is not a static thing. It is a dynamic entity requiring ongoing maintenance to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and technologies on the Web. 

This can include software updates, fixing broken links, creating new content, updating SEO elements and much more.


Full-Service Web Solutions for Calgary Businesses

BlindDrop is a “full stack” web marketing company offering the full spectrum of web design services in Calgary. We are dedicated to planning, building, promoting and maintaining its clients WordPress sites and eCommerce stores. This includes the Website itself but also the other areas that many Calgary web companies often do not consider.

Are you are looking for a new website design, eCommerce solution or a website redesign in Calgary, Alberta? Choose a web development and design agency that understands and addresses these key areas of digital marketing listed above.


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