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SEO Services

The Best SEO Builds Strong Relationships

Search Engine Optimization is a fine art. It requires detailed analysis and research coupled with careful application and deployment. Its main goal is to build and manage relationships on many levels.

SEO services depend upon strong ties between your SEO team and your company and between your site and other websites. And most importantly, connections with Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Our SEO services will help raise your website’s rankings and lead-to-sales conversions so your traffic generation efforts count. We work alongside your company to understand your business goals and create a full digital marketing strategy to accomplish both short and long term goals.

Our relationship as your SEO consultant and partner, starts today.

Local SEO Services 

BlindDrop Design Inc. is an experienced local Web development company in Cochrane and Calgary, Alberta. We have always included SEO services in our design processes to ensure the best organic Search Engine rankings possible.

By building a strong foundation for your website and web profiles in directories and social media, your website will be easier to find across the Web.

We understand important external factors that affect your website’s ranking in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! These are the same places your local competitors will be marketing themselves on too, so it makes sense to get ranked too using proven local SEO. By ranking alongside your competitors, your company will gain a level of authority that it would not otherwise have.


Where Does Optimization Begin?

Search Engine Optimization starts with your core branding strategy. This includes your domain name choice and your visual brand and audience.

There are many factors to successful SEO practices. A Web designer should include these factors into the Web site development right from the start. This includes strategies for domain and market research, fast and dependable web hosting and the best development platform.

A clear outlook of the client’s short and long term internet marketing goals is also needed.

Failing to Plan...

Unfortunately, many Web design companies produce Web sites without proper attention to Search Engine Optimization. Web sites are released without having any initial SEO research or strategy in place, not to mention an SEO plan for once the website is live. This plan is needed to steadily improve and expand the website’s place in search engine results.

Without a proper SEO strategy and post-launch plan, a good looking and functional Web site sits beyond page three of search engine results, where no one will find it!

No Traffic = No Leads = No Sales

Does that sound like a good investment of your marketing budget?

Are High Rankings the Only Goal?

We provide SEO services as a part of our overall Web development approach; it is focused on providing a complete and effective Web presence that incorporates User Engagement Optimization (UEO).

UEO is a larger, and more impactful, approach than focusing only on high rankings. It focuses on making sure the user experience starts with finding your website when they are looking for the services you offer, but also that they have an optimal experience once they click on your listing.

Combined with their great experience is that you, as business owner, have a website that connects with their needs and gains their trust quickly and provides them with the information they need so they can take the next step in securing your services.

Online marketing now includes considerations for such applications as Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Store, Google Search Console, not to mention such third-party review sites and business directories, such as Yelp.ca and Yellow Pages. 

Social Media and Quality Content

Social Media marketing also plays a major role too. 

It provides Google with “social signals” that tell Google that your business has an active Web presence that people are finding relevant and popular.

When you bring your business online, creating quality content is key for all aspects of your company’s online marketing efforts. It needs to be well-written, concise and consistent. This needs to be a constant across your website, your social media channels and many other third-party websites. Brand management is an important feature of the UEO and SEO landscape. We want to ensure that your brand experience is clear and consistent in every way.

How your website ranks is of course incredibly important, these days it can make or break a business. However, our definition of success, as your SEO company, extends far beyond search queries when you are considering your potential customers. Success is a strongly defined and marketed brand.

On-Page SEO

How your website is planned and built will determine its success online. Factors such as branding, domain choice, hosting, development platform, design, accessibility, content optimization and security will determine the quality of your On-Page SEO.

For On-Page factors, an effective foundation for a web presence needs to focus on:

  • Branding concerns such as logo design and visual brand development 
  • A core digital marketing strategy
  • The best domain name and extension that Search Engines prefer
  • Fast and secure hosting for your website and continual software updates to ensure up time and consistent delivery at all times
  • A business website design with clean branding, intuitive navigation and features that helps clearly communicate information
  • A strong focus on definable marketing goals such as Strong Calls to Action
  • Integrating your key social media channels on your website. This way, visitors can connect with your company via their favourite social networks.
  • Consistent use of NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Integration of analytics services, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

While we can provide SEO services to websites built on other platforms or by other developers, we find it is most effective to rebuild a website from the ground up. This way we can make sure all of these On-Page factors are properly addressed.

We also host our client sites as server speed and access are part of getting the best SEO results possible. To sum up, domain management, fast and secure hosting, web design and development and social media integration play important roles in the overall SEO and UEO equation.

Off-Page SEO

Once your website revitalization has been completed, a minimum 6-month SEO campaign is highly recommended. This helps to establish and increase your website’s rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search Engines.

Off-Page tasks are the second part of the SEO process and will help maintain and build your rankings based on quality links and natural activity.

This process would start after the Website is live, based on the following schedule and tasks:

Local SEO focused tasks include:

  • Directory listing creation and management
  • Press releases
  • Article writing and promotion
  • Quality link building,
  • Optimization and promotion of social media
  • Video creation and promotion
  • Geo-targeting code such as Open Graph
  • Social signals
  • Unique META tag creation
  • Third party reviews & citations.

Depending on the competitive nature of your market, you may wish to continue marketing efforts beyond this initial term. We offer 6-month or yearly contracts.

Our campaign cycle includes monthly reporting and a full review and next steps at the end of the campaign so our clients can make an informed decision regarding continuing on or pausing the campaign.

Take the First Step to Online Success

The best way to know where your website stands is to get a website audit completed by a dedicated SEO company, like ours!

Just fill in the form below and we will review your current website’s SEO rankings and optimization factors. 

You can take these findings to your current Web team or talk with us about revitalizing and improving your Web site’s brand trust and visibility in the top search engines.