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Custom e-commerce websites designed in WordPress, beautifully designed,
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Why Choose Custom E-Commerce Development?

Looking to build a custom e-commerce website or integrate an e-commerce platform into your existing website, but don’t know where to start?

The power of e-commerce is undeniable. It can determine the success or failure of your brand.

To best harness this power, you need to start with the right strategy, the best e-commerce and hosting platform and know how to build up your targeted traffic once the website is live.

There are thousands of e-commerce platforms and solutions out there, all with different price tags and promises attached. So, determining what your initial development budget and goal is can immediately narrow down your choices.

For example, if you are just starting out, you may want to try a solution like Shopify, where you can get a simple e-commerce solution up and running by yourself quite quickly.

For those looking for the support, knowledge and skill found in a custom e-commerce solution, then choosing an experienced e-commerce agency will be the more logical choice.

While a custom solution will naturally carry a higher initial price tag, it will generally be worth the initial investment. With an agency, like BlindDrop, you’ll be able to gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace upon launch.

This is something that many businesses don’t realize when they jump into the ecommerce world, there are many things to consider to build a successful e-commerce brand online.

Beyond the Shopping Cart

There are many types of custom e-commerce solutions. Done properly, they flow seamlessly into your brand’s website. They are not always the standard shopping cart catalogue, sometimes they include donation forms, booking systems and membership subscriptions.

Of course, the standard shopping cart experience is still the mainstay for delivering your products online, whether they are digital products, or locally produced products shipped within Canada or around the world.

Once we learn about your intial ideas for your e-commerce website, we can help you determine the best solution.

After all, the bottom line depends on building the site to best reach your targeted audience and deliver your products and services in a user friendly environment, that will have your customers raving about, not only your products and services, but the overall shopping experience.

Benefits of Custom E-Commerce Solutions

When you partner with BlindDrop, you will benefit from:

  • E-commerce marketing trends research and strategies
  • Brand-centric custom design & development
  • Responsive, mobile friendly design for desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Product image optimization
  • World-class managed hosting platform delivering speed, security and updates
  • A variety of payment gateway options
  • Custom-tailored admin support that “meet you in the middle”
  • On-Page SEO development
  • Off-Page SEO development
  • Post-launch marketing strategies and scalable campaigns

WordPress E-Commerce Solutions

BlindDrop develops E-Commerce solutions exclusively on the WordPress platform. We have found that, with the right managed hosting and combination of plugins, that WordPress offers a superior, overall e-commerce solution for our clients.

WordPress offers amazing flexibility for functionality and design, allowing our designers, developers and marketers the tools they need to produce powerful and successful e-commerce websites.

Whether you have an existing website (built in WordPress or other platform) or are looking for help developing a custom e-commerce website for a new or existing brand, we recommend talking with a variety of e-commerce specialists to help you get an idea of what they offer.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your e-commerce ideas. We provide a free consultation and quote. In the very least, it will help you gain some insight and knowledge about how to get started.

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