Responsive Web Design

Your website, like your business, needs to adapt to meet your customers’ needs.

Mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, and smart phones continue to increase in use.

Your website needs to best serve your customers the products and services they seek with a mobile friendly platform.

BlindDrop Design delivers customized web solutions, specializing in WordPress, to create cutting-edge mobile optimized websites.

Responsive web design Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta. How to make a mobile-friendly site.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is the design methodology that focuses on adapting navigation, image size and content flow based on the type of viewing device being used to make your website “mobile-friendly”.

The top viewing devices are desktop computers, tablets (such as the iPad) and mobile devices (such as iPhones and Android-based smartphones).

When did Responsive Web Design become a major factor in designing websites?

When smart phone technology leapt forward with Apple’s ground-breaking “multi-touch surface” in 2007, the way we interacted with the Web equally changed.

Mobile technologies, such as tablets and smartphones, provided a new level of interaction and, along with that interaction, came the consequent expectation from viewers that website owners, such as local businesses, would adapt their web site design to accommodate this new technology and growing viewership.

The Web design community responded by developing HTML 5, which provided the framework for optimizing the viewers’ experience by detecting the user’s platform and responding by serving the appropriate layout of design elements.

This includes elements such as logos, social media icons, main content and supporting content, so all of the key elements fit accordingly on the user’s screen.

HTML5 & Search Engines

Beyond the actual human experience, HTML 5 also provides support for non-human visitors, like search engine bots and spiders, web browsers and other code parsers that come to the site looking for information to interpret and/or index.

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