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The Benefits of Custom Web Design with WordPress in 2021

Custom web design services built in WordPress are becoming more popular in Cochrane and Calgary in 2021. An increasing number of businesses and organizations are realising how important a professional, customized website is for their online success.

A professional web design can help you achieve a lot more from your business. It is the best way to convey your brand experience to your audience. When it is done correctly, this feature alone is worth the investment that custom development entails.

Your company’s website not only provides background on your company’s history and culture, it is ultimately part of your customer’s brand experience. It shares important information about your company, of course, but it is also a critical part of your customer’s journey as they move toward purchasing services or products online.

As such, specialty web design services provide a professional and effective solution. We will discuss some advantages found in a custom developed website. These advantages surpass online web builder solutions like Wix and SquareSpace in many ways and will give your company an edge over your online competition.

A custom web design, in its essence, is a web presence that is tailored to your brand’s unique visual identity. It will also be built for your unique products and services and your specific targeted audience. Here are some of the key factors found in a properly executed custom website.

Web Marketing Research & Strategy

Before the first line of code is written, our SEO experts review and develop a web marketing strategy based on your brand’s niche. This includes its competition and proven keywords and search terms that your customers are searching with each month.

By doing research first, we can provide the best website design, by sculpting the website structure from the researched data. Proper web marketing research is a benchmark of foundation web design.

Quality, Professional Custom Web Design & Development

A customized web solution provides a strong, yet versatile foundation where, as your website designer, we use the latest leading-edge website software, called WordPress, to develop your site. WordPress offers the best of both worlds, it is the most popular web framework, that also allows virtually unlimited customization options.

A cautionary note when choosing a web designer. While customization provides many benefits, it can also be a hinderance if it is not properly planned or executed. Some custom solutions go too far, replacing code and functionalities on the website that are best left as-is.

So, a well-planned and customized WordPress site that respects the core foundation of the WordPress software is your best goal. Choose a site design that maximizes the uniquely crafted features that extend the look, feel and function of the website, yet adheres to consistent design standards.

custom web development calgary and cochrane in 2021

About WordPress

The WordPress platform is one of the most popular online platforms around. It was started in 2003 by Ryan Deiss as a personal project, but has since become a powerhouse for web design companies in Calgary and around the world. WordPress is intuitive to use, fast, and very professional, when developed properly.

WordPress is a proven web development platform to use, even though it is more complex than a template website builder. WordPress offers a thoroughly developed and time-tested content management and blogging system. It also offers a relatively easy learning curve for administrators along with consistency in web design elements. At BlindDrop, we provide admin training to our clients, so they can feel comfortable making their own content changes. Our support team is always there to help with those site updates and expansions that require more technical know-how.

In today’s marketplace, you need your company’s brand to stand out. There is no better way to do this than by launching a website that captures your brand and your audience’s attention.

Consider the flow of the customer experience:

  1. Your potential customer searches for a product or service that you offer.
  2. They find your website on the first page of search results.
  3. They visit your website to view your offerings.
  4. At this point, they may contact you, or they may go on to another site during their research stage.

Customer service begins with #2 in the list. This is when people search for your products or services, regardless of whether or not they know your company! Your customer service includes ranking well, so they can easily find your offerings and that makes their choice in who they choose, that much easier.

This leads us to the importance of SEO and UX in custom web development.

SEO, UX & Other Acronyms

As we saw in the very first step, doing the proper SEO research is imperative in delivering strong On-Page SEO. These On-Page factors simply refer to how the website has been developed and optimized. This includes the overall design, graphic design elements, navigation structure and the written content, imagery and digital media, such as videos, 360 VRs and PDFs.

So, successful SEO strengthens your ability to reach your customers more quickly and accurately. While ranking highly is of course a main goal, it is not the only goal. You need to be ranking for a variety of keywords and search terms, some of which can be ranked for just from a properly built website.

In other cases, the On-Page SEO provides the best foundation for Off-Page SEO campaigns and advertising efforts. Read more about our SEO Services.

responsive web design calgary

UX stands for User Experience. This experience starts with your customers easily finding your brand online and ends with their happy experience on your website that leads to a completed sale. A customer’s experience is dictated by how easily they can navigate through the website.

This includes how quickly the webpages load and that they do not get confused by the functionality on the website. A confused customer doesn’t buy, so make sure that your website’s content and navigation flows naturally and effectively toward your customer’s needs and goals. This is why having a responsive website design that is mobile friendly is so important.

Custom Web Development allows for us to maximize SEO and UX features. It quite simply provides the best website foundation to build an optimized website that is built for speed, search rankings and the best user experience. Beyond the code, it is important to remember that the human influence is still essential to the process. Humans still design the best and most intuitive solutions because they can intuit the best design for the unique needs of the company and its customers.

Custom Website Design & Managed Web Hosting Services

By now you should see the benefit of choosing a custom web design over a generic template website. One aspect that many business owners don’t realise affects their website’s performance is their hosting platform. The right hosting environment and level of support are as essential as having the best website design for your company.

As we noted, your website’s page speed is a huge signal to Google as to how user friendly your website’s user experience is for your customers. A web page that takes too long to load, or stalls completely, can turn away your potential customers within seconds! So, it is imperative that your website load quickly on desktop and mobile. A fast website delivers more customers, better search engine visibility and a better bottom line for your company.

The best solution for these issues is a well-built website hosted on a fast and secure server. Yes, security is as important as speed and a custom solution can make sure that your website’s security and encryption remain the highest possible.

A managed WordPress hosting solution provides peace of mind for busy business owners. It just makes sense to leave the complexities of website hosting to the experts, so they can focus on running their company and satisfying their clientele. Every website we build is delivered on a robust hosting package.

Custom Web Design in Calgary, Alberta & Surrounding Areas

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