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Your Brand Experience, Beyond the Logo

People often think of logo design as a company’s “brand.” However, the term brand extends to the entire experience your potential, new and returning customers have when interacting with your company.

Your Web site is part of your digital marketing brand, so is your visibility in Google’s search results, your brochures, your company vehicles, your social media profiles and interactions, even the uptime of your website is part of that brand experience.

Brand also now extends beyond a company or business, it extends to our personal brands, to social causes and fan pages. So strengthening your overall brand extends beyond your logo or website, it is more and more defined by the level of authority any brand has online.

Search Engine Optimization these days is a true reflection of this focus and is needed for any level of business or brand that is looking to achieve success online.

That said, your brand’s nucleus is your logo as it represents your company vision, culture and purpose, conveyed in a single image. So it definitely requires creativity, strategy and thoughtful consideration so it can successfully convey all of those values.

Capturing Your Unique Vision

Professional graphic designer services are an essential part of your brand’s development and overall marketing strategy.

Using leading edge design software, coupled with extensive design experience, our art director, visual designer and project managers work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is not only captured in the brand, but also aligned with key fundamental standards used by the largest brands in the world.

A properly developed logo and its supporting brand elements will set a company apart from its competitors who chose a less professional approach.

Our graphic design and printing projects always start with creative research and development. Our lead designers are easy to work with and have a talent at drawing out our clients’ unique vision.

Combine this creative process with efficient skills and your corporate or personal vision will emerge quickly and successfully!

Our Graphic Design Services

Our local graphic designers regularly produce materials for clients alongside their Web projects.

This is the best way to consistently promote their new Web presence or to simply establish their corporate identity with a professional look and feel.

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Before You Start the Branding Process

Whether you are looking for a brand new logo for a brand new company or if you are looking to re-vision your existing brand or corporate identity, we’d recommend reviewing or considering the following steps before you start the design process:

  1. Do you have a marketing strategy in place? If not, we can help with this initial step too.
  2. Who is your immediate competition?
  3. Are there any brands that you’d like to emulate?
  4. What makes your company or organization unique?
  5. What core values do you wish your company to be known for?
  6. Do you need to develop a Mission statement or Vision statement, or review and update existing ones?
  7. Do you want to be seen as a local business or a larger brand over the next 3 to 5 years?
  8. Do you have ideas for your logo as far as concept or color? (We can help in either case).
  9. Would you rather work with a local team that can meet with you directly to discuss ideas?
  10. How consistent is your current branding experience in print, Web and social media?
  11. Do you need to consider other marketing channels such as signage, uniforms and web development at this time?
  12. How do you want your customers, employees and peers to view your brand?

Please note:
While we can help you answer some of these questions simply by delving into the Core Branding Package, we recommend you consider these questions before developing your brand. They will help you clarify your current and future direction.

Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of businesses develop a unique brand that captures their spirit and vision.

If you’d like more information on developing a full digital marketing strategy, just let us know, we’d love to help.

Core Branding Package

Looking for a designer to help you develop your brand and logo? Whether you are looking for fresh new concepts or for someone to work from your rough concepts (scribbles on napkins are accepted), we can help to produce a professional and iconic image for your new or existing company.

Our inclusive Branding Identity Package will provide you with the key elements you need for a professional brand.

This package includes logo development, master business card design, core branding elements, optional tagline co-development and printer management. The final product will be an iconic, professional and engaging identity that speaks uniquely for your brand and company vision.

What does this package include?

  • Our creativity and industry experience – BlindDrop Design Inc. been in business since 2001 and specialize in corporate identity development across media. Our lead team brings over 42 years combined experience to the table.
  • An initial meeting to discuss not only your branding needs but to gain a deeper understanding of your company/organization and its unique vision
  • Up to 4 unique logo concepts and/or variations based on your specific needs
  • One round of revisions – to bring the final design to a pre-press stage
  • A master business card design (for one name) based on new brand identity
  • Printer management for the business card, we can work with a variety of printers both locally and online to create a variety of card options for size, card type and finish
  • Specific Digital file types of the finished work – We provide the client with both print-ready and general use digital file formats at project sign off. Package does not include printing or signage costs

Time frame –  Project will take approximately 2 weeks depending on client feedback.

Are you looking for a branding solution for your company?