Calgary Web Hosting Recommendations

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Calgary Web Hosting Recommendations

Like most offerings on the Web, you can find Web hosting solutions for any budget, from free shared hosting to owning your own dedicated server rack in a datacenter. Obviously the range in cost echoes the range in services provided and since there are so many hosts and hosting reseller packages you will first need to discern what service you require by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What will you be using your hosting package for? Will it be to run a simple website? Or do you need a specific platform, such as Linux or Windows to run Web software or certain types of scripts and databases used for dynamic Web sites and E-commerce solutions?
  2. Do you have a Web designer or IT personnel to help you with setting up your account and Web files? Or are you willing to take on the learning curve of figuring out whatever Control Panel is included in your server package?
  3. What level of security is provided by your Webhost? Can you easily integrate an SSL certificate into your account? Does the host offer back up features to make sure your files are kept safe?
  4. If you opt for a cheap reseller hosting solution, how much does the host upsell features for? For example, how many IPs do you get with an account, how much  Web space, bandwidth, email accounts are included and how much is it to increase these features if you need?
  5. Is your prospective host a long-standing service? Do they regularly update their systems and have ongoing support by ticket submission and/or phone support?
  6. What is their claim for uptime? Even a claim of 99% uptime could mean that the service is interrupted for up to 3 days per year. Do they have redundancy in place to avoid downtime?
  7. If you are looking to integrate an e-commerce payment solution into your website where credit card transactions are stored in your site’s database, be sure to do the proper research to find a PCL compliant secure server, which means it has passed rigorous security tests and is also subject to recurring tests to ensure ongoing security of your data.
  8. Where is the Web hosting company and its servers located? Are they somewhere on the other side of the world, or can you call them or even take a short trip and go and take a tour of their facilities?

Free hosting usually comes with the catch of banner ads being displayed on screen along with your site. If your website is for business purposes it is best to choose a Web hosting account that allows you 100% of your Web presence.
Many Web hosts also offer a “free Web site builder” along with their hosting plans, which can be helpful for a quick startup website, but be aware that these types of websites are template-based sites, so your site will look extremely similar to other sites using the same template. So again, for business website design, it is always best to invest in the most custom Web design for your website, since you only have moments to capture the interest of your audience with the first impression that your site creates for them.
An ideal host will provide as close to 100% uptime as possible, up-to-date servers located in a secure datacenter, close to where you live and work and offer exceptional service and support. The host will also be clear with what its packages include and what additional charges are required should you exceed the limits of your Web hosting package.
BlindDrop Design hosts and manages its clients’ websites at a secure datacenter in Canada. We offer the next level of service where, in most cases, we manage client requests for adding email accounts, provide stats information and explanation, provide free set up and transfer for new clients (as part of our Web development contracts) and make sure that our sites and email run as smoothly and spam-free as possible.

BlindDrop offers a premium Managed WordPress Hosting package that has been sufficient for the majority of our clients. Those clients looking for specific hosting requirements are also accommodated with a custom solution that meets their needs. Such custom solutions include VPS servers, Colocation space, and high volume bandwidth. Please contact us today for more information on your Calgary or Cochrane Alberta Web hosting needs.

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