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Cochrane Web Design Services Help Your Business Compete with Big City Competitors

In this article we look more specifically at Cochrane Web design services and how they can help your business compete with neighbouring Calgary competitors. Nestled in the beautiful and unique setting of the Big Hill, in the Bow River valley, the Town of Cochrane offers a bounty of opportunities to residents and visitors alike.

Living and working in Cochrane, so close to a big city like Calgary, offers many advantages to its residents. All of Calgary’s offerings for business services and recreation are just a few minutes away. This convenience is a big reason that Cochrane has grown so quickly in a relatively short time.

Yet, over the years, and as Cochrane has quickly increased in size with new communities, the need to travel to Calgary has decreased. This is largely due to the town’s focus on expanding business services and opportunities, in such areas as the Quarry and the east Industrial area.

Many of the new communities also have business service centres built into their planning, which are both convenient and provide a stronger neighbourhood connection. These communities include:

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  • Bow Ridge
  • Sunset Ridge
  • Heritage Hills
  • Heartland
  • West Valley
  • Downtown Cochrane
  • Fire Side
  • River Heights
  • Cochrane East Industrial
  • Greystone Development

More than ever, we find that supporting local businesses and organisations strengthens our community in many ways, with many long-term benefits.

Cochrane’s Tech Community

Cochrane is known for its western heritage and small town feel, unique buildings and popular main street attractions like the world-famous MacKay’s Ice Cream. Yet, this town, while experiencing some definite growing pains, is expanding into a centre of technological innovation. It has been called the “Poster Child for Innovation” and suggested to be the “Next Silicon Valley North.”

Garmin Cochrane Tech Company near Web Agency, BlindDrop Design I

This is largely due to already established tech companies like Garmin Canada, mcThings and 4iiii, who are “thriving in Cochrane“. As this Cochrane Times article points out, the Town of Cochrane is working alongside some larger tech companies to develop a new innovation centre, which could foster the “next wave of local tech businesses.”

Technology offers ground breaking opportunities for anyone in 2021. We see this each year as businesses and organizations focus their attention on developing a new or revitalized website, improving their brand’s visibility to better deliver their goods and services online.

BlindDrop’s Cochrane Web design services have supported and promoted local businesses and organisations since 2001. It has been a very rewarding experience to help business owners and their staff reach more of their intended audiences, all with a high quality web design that is clean, professional and effective.

Web Design Cochrane & Area

Our Cochrane web design agency offers full service digital marketing solutions. There are many Alberta web designers who can build you a website, but in 2021, just building a website is not enough. You need a digital marketing consultant to can deliver all of the professional web services needed to succeed online. This includes everything from logo design, to hosting services, responsive web design and marketing experts who can promote your services and products.

Our goal is to create a great experience with our clients. This includes highly recommended services such as consultation, creative graphic design, custom web design and development, fully managed WordPress hosting, SEO services and campaigns, stellar customer support and Social Media packages.

As a small business serving Cochrane, Calgary and beyond, BlindDrop’s tech services are based on our experience and knowledge of marketing to a smaller demographic like Cochrane, yet also extending our reach into the Calgary area marketplace. In this way, we can focus on delivering web design solutions to our clients in a similar manner.

How to Compete with Big City Competitors

If you run a home-based business, retail store, trades or professional service in Cochrane, you know how much influence Calgary competition has on your business. Perhaps you have the advantage of a unique service or product line not available in the nearby area. In most cases, however, competition in all areas extends both ways, from Calgary into Cochrane and vice versa.

Here is a quick “Top Ten” checklist for how you can improve your small town brand’s visibility in the big city:

  1. Design or re-design your visual brand so it is professional, iconic and memorable
  2. Build a fully optimised Foundation Website – make sure it is mobile friendly and SEO optimised for Local Rankings
  3. Include your service area on your website – you can list locations, add a service map and note locations within client testimonials
  4. Optimise your Google My Business listing for your service area – let Google’s apps know specific areas you serve, or provide a service area radius
  5. Do off-page SEO to build up more authority and visibility than your competitors – create a network of relationships with local, regional and global websites
  6. Social media marketing – use demographics to pinpoint your target audience beyond your home town, even targeting the closest city quadrant will help
  7. Social media shout outs – encourage shout outs from past clients and customers
  8. Vehicle wraps & lawn signage – if your service calls take you to the City, use it as an opportunity to visually promote your brand.
  9. Get listed in city directories – find local Calgary directories and create a free listing or classified ad to promote, especially on those sites where your competitors are.
  10. Get listed on local review sites – this includes requesting customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.
  11. Bonus tip – Share newsworthy company events as press releases suitable for the Big City papers to pick up. This can give your company a huge boost in authority and visibility overnight!

Why Are Cochrane Web Design Services Needed?

As we discussed in our recent blog post, professional Web Design services can deliver some amazing results:

Did you know that:

  • A superb overall UX design can boost website conversion rates up to 400%. (source)
  • Web design alone forms 75% of the judgement of a company’s credibility. (source)
  • On an average, 8 out of 10 consumers would stop engaging with a site if its content doesn’t display properly on their device (Adobe)

Digital marketing and Web design services are needed by brands who do not have the time, inclination or skills to design and manage their website in-house. Most Cochrane businesses and organisations will require web design services at some point in their journey online. Especially if they find themselves in a competitive market with Calgary’s service providers.

The smart ones will choose to find a digital marketing consultant and/or web design company sooner than later. When these web development services are chosen before the website is built, the brand will leverage the most of their web design contract. They will get a fully optimised website based on a strong foundation of well-researched strategy and planning.

Web design services in Cochrane for businesses and organisations alike can deliver far better results than a website built without the knowledge needed to succeed. This includes areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User Experience (UX), responsive web design services, ecommerce web development and creative web design services.

Web Design Cochrane & Area by BlindDrop.com

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