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What is a SEO Consultant & Digital Marketing Strategist?

A digital marketing consultant can be a specialist in a very narrow field of web marketing. Or, they can be considered a “full stack” consultant, who has a more generalised and inclusive understanding of digital marketing.

When you choose BlindDrop Design Inc. as your SEO Consultant and Web strategist, you will be leveraging over 20 years of knowledge and experience. We can provide insights, recommendations and proven strategies to help your online presence improve rankings, visibility, authority and user experience.

What does an Web Marketing Consultant Do?

A digital marketing consultant is a powerful asset to have on-hand at specific points in your web marketing cycles, such as:

  • Brand creation or revitalization (including logo design)
  • New web design planning & strategy
  • Website revitalization
  • Website additions
  • Improving website UX (User Experience)
  • Educating admin staff to manage and promote their web presence
  • Exploring new channels for expanding your customer base
  • Reputation Management, such as third party review channel set up and management
  • Improving website rankings quickly and efficiently
  • Leveraging their network of web experts to complete specific tasks


For this article, we will focus on a general web consultant who can be expected to have experience in:

  • Branding Fundamentals
  • SEO &SEM Research & Implementation
  • Web Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Site Structure
  • Navigation
  • Web Hosting
  • Auditing
  • Analytics
  • Email marketing fundamentals
  • Marketing automation

Web Design Consultation Process

While all of our solutions are customized to your brand’s unique needs, our consultation services and web development process is streamlined to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our design team will guide you step by step through this process:

  1. Branding, Visual Identity & Business Review
    In our first meeting we review your current needs across all media channels and plan a proven path for your business’s design and marketing.
  2. Search Engine Marketing Research and Strategy
    We research your brand’s competition using third party marketing analytics software to create a baseline for your competitive niche.
  3. Customized Web Development
    We design your web site and social media channels uniquely on your brand, so it is clean, professional and consistent.
  4. Intuitive UX (User Experience) Design
    We create a natural and intuitive navigation – including universal menus, contextual navigation, supporting links and Calls to Action.
  5. Copywriting for People & Search Engines
    We work together to produce web-friendly text that is effective for all visitors, whether they are human or Search Engine bots and spiders.
  6. WordPress Admin Training & Support
    We strive to empower our clients by providing them with a flexible middle ground as a web partner. We meet you in the middle, providing support and services as needed.
  7. Essential Post-Launch Tasks
    We complete the initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and manual submissions to the top Search Engines and directories
  8. Forward Thinking Strategies
    We can help develop an ongoing marketing strategy for you to consider once the site is live. Getting the web site live is the first step towards your online success.

As you can see, this marketing expert will embody the skills and knowledge required to review those marketing concerns that we have outlined in steps 1 to 5, and then some.

Lucas Arnatt, Cochrane web designer serving Calgary, Alberta

Meet Lucas, SEO Consultant & Web Strategist

Lucas Arnatt is Creative Director & Web Strategist at He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, local businesses and large corporations build and manage their brands online since 1997.

Contact Lucas today to learn more about how he can help you to build and market your brand online.

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The Best SEO Consultant is More than a Data Analyst

We recommend that you also consider choosing a SEO & web consultant who is a team player. An individual who is personable, accessible, diligent, professional, friendly, concise and dependable.

Someone who provides a general strategic overview, but also understands the fine details. This shows they can relate detailed data to the larger picture of your marketing plan’s short-term and long-term scope.

In addition, they can help define a budget and prioritize tasks and development phases and cycles. Their guidance can help achieve improvements most cost effectively and efficiently.


What is a Digital Marketing Consultation?

Website Auditing, SEO Research & Market Evaluation

A digital marketing consultation entails a thorough review and analysis of a unique web presence. This marketing analysis includes aspects like site audits, SEO factors, Google apps review, industry websites and competitor research.

The results of the consultation include a report, a recommended strategy and follow up meeting. These outline and confirm the next steps for the brand to move toward their web marketing goals.

A digital marketing consultation offers an opportunity for you to see a deeper and wider picture of your web presence in a holistic manner. Any details they share will reflect, in some way, their connection to the larger goals of the brand.

A Web audit is useful for new and existing websites. Yes, even for new websites, before they are built. A website audit of your established competitors helps guide your new site to excel within the first year of launch.

A full web audit looks beyond the website to the brand’s reputation and position online. This includes a number of channels, including customer review sites and social media.

The best digital marketing consultant looks at how the web presence reflects the brand’s messaging, visual identity and customer service overall. A professional marketing consultant will also share a step-by-step process to improve the weak areas and may include a SWOT Analysis.

The right consultant won’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. But more importantly, the best consultant will be a great listener. Someone who does not try to sell you something but listens to your needs. This guarantees their efforts will deliver the strategy needed to achieve your marketing goals.

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